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+1CM Fact Sheet
                +1CM is an advanced configuration management system supporting identification, variations, baselines, accounting, auditing, and access control.

+1CM supports:

  • multiple users working on a common project.

  • all basic CM commands, such as check in and check out of a file and displaying differences between two versions of a file. Can maintain source code, HTML, shell scripts, and other types of files.

  • baselines.

  • several predefined CM reports, such as: ACL Report, All CM Fields Report, CR Numbers Report, Detailed Reports, Files Checked Out Report, Status Report, and Version Description Document (VDD).

  • graphical viewpaths. A viewpath is an ordered list of directory names that are searched by +1CM to locate a desired file. Viewpaths allow multiple users to work on the same project in a controlled manner. Viewpaths support private user workspaces, faster compiles, faster loads, and better project management.

  • default editing, which allows you to select a file to edit from the calling structure, and if the file is checked in, automatically checks out the correct version of the file, even if working on a revision build. (To our knowledge, we are the only company to support this feature!)

  • allows you to create your own, customized CM reports.

  • can check out previous versions of a file, baseline a project, build version libraries, delete latest update, undo previous check outs, and maintain access control lists.

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